Insomnia Chronicles
Comments on PLL tonight.

If I was Aria I probably wouldn’t have gone back to Ezra’s house so quick. I mean, he made her cry pretty bad and he was quite cold. “I have class”. Psht. Either way, Ella is a pretty smart mommy.

Spencer, what you doing lady? Toby didn’t leave you, you left him and you were alll WAAAAAAA about it and now you get drizzunk and you’re kissing Wren. Chi!

Very nice of Mona to take the hit.

Maya is missing. It says so in the preview for next week.

Emily, I don’t like you with Maya, shes kinda freaky. However, I admire you for not kissing Paige. I mean, you’re not Spencer.

Mellisa you slyyyyyy monkey you.

Where was Holden, Caleb and Jason?

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