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Exposing the stupid people.

Stranger dude: "Where’s the Febreez?"

Me: “Sorry I’m not sure”

Stranger dude:"Are you serious, you work here"

Me:”Actually I don’t work for Zellers”

Stranger dude:"What do you work for"

Me:"The photo studio"

Stranger dude:"O, so if you were to point me in the direction of the Febreez where would it be"

Me:”I really don’t know”

Stranger dude:"Comon"

Me: “I’m pretty sure I don’t know where it is, ask the cashier she’ll know better”

Stranger dude: "Just point"

Me: "Uhm, maybe downstairs"

—5 minutes later—

Stranger dude: *with a condescending look of disgust* “You were wrong you know, you sent me all the way downstairs and it was right here”…