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Dunno if this is real yet or not but my friend just posted it to FB

Dunno if this is real yet or not but my friend just posted it to FB

FIRE THEM: McDonald’s at Creditview and Eglinton

So, today, like many days, I went with the man to Mikkies to have some grub. He ordered a third pounder and I got a fruitopia orange groove drink. We went into the drive thru knowing that this Mikkies ALWAYS screws up our order. Always has and probably always will. Whether it be putting pickles on the cheeseburger when we don’t want them to, or not giving us the right dipping sauce.

Our burger today had NO SAUCE as well as NO CHEESE. It’s definately supposed to have cheese. Third Pounder Deluxe.

The drink was RED. We ordered orange. We figured it was strawberry but when we opened it, it was DARK red not light pink like the usual strawberry fruitopia. We went back to the same Mikkies later and ordered another orange fruitopia…. Oh this time we got orange. Only problem, it tasted like ass. It tasted like vitamin water. The concentrate was not enough. It was SO WATERY that it tasted like water than had gone a little sour. Horrible.

This McDonalds should FIRE all of their employees and just restart. They are horrible.And my beau, who NEVER is angry about service, was definately angry today.