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Why has the “My Tram Experience” video been taken off of youtube?

If you have not watched this VIRAL video [posted on youtube Nov 27th 2011], you might as well watch it now because within the next week I assure you; you would’ve heard about it.

* I cannot believe she is a mother, she doesn’t deserve the gift of motherhood if she treats it this way

* I do know that people like this exist, but to see this was still saddening

* Kudos to the lady who posted this video up, many of you may think it was easy but sometimes there’s a lot to think about before posting something like this online for the world to see

* I do hope the son is taken away from her

* I strongly believe she was under the influence of a drug [more of a reason to take the child away]

The only good thing I took away from this video was that the young man who seemed to want to initiate a physical confrontation was later hugged by a stranger on the train after getting upset

The following comment is not to be taken seriously by anyone, I just dont want to end this post being all serious because that’s just not who I am.

For the Criminal Minds fans out there….

The son will grow up to be an unsub.