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Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother…

What the shit Ted? You look dumb. You were cute when you cheered Robin up a few weeks back; but god you’re dumb.

Why has the “My Tram Experience” video been taken off of youtube?
"That’s a slap from God because he hates me."

When I was younger, during my teens, I used to believe that everything was a sign. It was the stupidest thing I could’ve ever done. Fool myself into thinking that there were signs for things. If I see ______ that means I should _____. If THIS happens I should do THAT. If I see THIS number that means I should contact _____.

I used to believe it ALL. Slowly, but surely, I realized I was suffering from mental retardation. There are no signs for anything. I was a dreamer, still am, but not to that extent. There are no signs. For anything. There’s coincidence, and theres EXTREME coincidence… but there are no signs. I used to see a self proclaimed “sign from God” that I didn’t want and I would say outloud to my friends "God hates me and wants me to rot with paranoid thoughts today."

If you believe in signs you most likely believe in God. If you believe in God, you know that what is meant to happen… will happen. WITHOUT your actions following the authority of “signs”.

Anyways, it’s been years, since I’ve believed in any type of sign but; that doesn’t mean that I don’t still see them. You can take the dreams from a dreamer, but not the dreaming mind. Just because I see them doesn’t mean I act on them or believe they mean anything. MOST of the time that’s a good thing, but of course, sometimes it can be bad. Why can’t a dreamer pick and choose which signs to believe in? It’s just wrong I think. There are no limitations on dreamers… why limit their spectrum of belief and action?

See, I’ve been fighting a slight struggle. Taking the dreamer away from believing in God given signs was hard. Its an uphill battle I still fight but I know I’m right. But there are days… like a couple days ago, encompassing the past few weeks, that I can’t just ignore. I ignored the “signs” that I don’t believe in anymore. And yet, somehow, the signs managed to make their way to me.

Whether or not you a believer/dreamer, eventually you will stop dreaming. Maybe you’ll grow out of it. Maybe your company will change and it’ll seem silly to hold onto. Maybe you’ll just realize it’ll be best for you stop believing there are signs for everything. But one day, something will happen, just like it happened to me… and you won’t be able to ignore it.

So my question is, how does that help me? Was it good or bad for me that the signs I ignored made their way to me anyways? What does that do to my belief…

Do I start believing again? Or … do I just look the other way and finally force the dreamer out.



Why does it say I have more notes than actually show up?

seriously misleading.

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