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Really? REALLY.


This was my face 5 minutes ago…

That’s what you’ve come to. Seriously. Really. Really. Seriously.Your standards have dropped so damn much is dissssgusting. Yes. Pathetic. You are so pathetic. You could’ve done great and instead you’re entering what I can only imagine is a brothel every so often. It’s not jealousy. It’s pity. You chose the wrong people. You have ALWAYS chosen, the wrong people.

Your mom thought IIII was a slut? GOOD LUCK buddayyyy

Exposing the stupid people.

Stranger dude: "Where’s the Febreez?"

Me: “Sorry I’m not sure”

Stranger dude:"Are you serious, you work here"

Me:”Actually I don’t work for Zellers”

Stranger dude:"What do you work for"

Me:"The photo studio"

Stranger dude:"O, so if you were to point me in the direction of the Febreez where would it be"

Me:”I really don’t know”

Stranger dude:"Comon"

Me: “I’m pretty sure I don’t know where it is, ask the cashier she’ll know better”

Stranger dude: "Just point"

Me: "Uhm, maybe downstairs"

—5 minutes later—

Stranger dude: *with a condescending look of disgust* “You were wrong you know, you sent me all the way downstairs and it was right here”…