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Once a year, I rant. Here it is.

Sometimes my opinions are really saturated. I believe in them a lot. If you can’t respect that, stop reading because you’re a fool if you don’t understand the fundamentals of people having opinions. People criticize because they didn’t live in a sheltered world like I did. I hate being upset about something that I know NOBODY will remotely understand. Those who claim to “understand” dont really CARE to understand, if that makes sense. So I’m in a box where everyones against me and thinks of me as inferior because I haven’t experienced life like them? Because they’ve SEEN life for what it is. And just when you think you can count on someone to get it, they don’t and now I know they never will and it makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing anymore with the people in my life.

Something as simple as a movie trailer can get me upset. Why? Because I believe it’ll revolutionize the amount of sexuality in the world. Period. And nobody cares because "its just a movie". NO its not “just a movie”. Its a movie that children will see their role models being objectified. Another reason people don’t care is because they like it because right NOW is when they are seeing/experiencing it. Just thinking about having kids or a future is DEPRESSING because of the things I see NOW.

How many headlines/tv shows/media outlets are there about teen pregnancy? About kids having babies at the age of 9 in EUROPE? If you look on Tumblr theres teen GIRLS that WANT to be like the girls on Teen MOM.  How many headlines are there about teachers sleeping with students? Were there movies about these things [YES]? How many headlines are there about YOUNG people getting shot these days? You really think theres no correlation? All the sexualized video games, the computer games, the accessibility of it all, doesnt it SCARE you? The other day I was playing a Shoot Bubble game on my phone [meant for children], and an add popped up for virtually making out or fighting other users of the app. PERFECT! Thats exactly what I would want my kid to see or my younger cousins when they’re playing a bubble game on my phone. And TV? Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars…shows like that, geared towards teenagers right? But who do you think REALLY watches them? Its the preteens that want to be older! Its the younger kids that think its COOL. And what do they see?

I care about people, I love people, I’m not evil… so I don’t understand why people can’t just accept that I have these views and be okay with them without being belittling, without being angry, without being degrading. So many people call themselves old-fashioned.. You haven’t met me yet. [And yet I’m no where near old fashioned]

I bet you someone will read this and get pissed and call me “prude” or a crazy person for having such strong beliefs, but that’s going to become OK for me now because whoever doesn’t GET it, can get OUT. I don’t have time for people that think I’m an idiot or think that I need to “get with the times”..maybe the “times” isn’t that GREAT.

People think I live in another world, at a different time- therefore I am stupid, a child or ignorant. They don’t have to say those words outloud for me to know that’s what they think. It’s in every breath they take.

Truth is, I wish I was living in a different world at a different time. Because frankly, this place, at this time, is a real crap hole. And it’s only getting worse.

Aw bullocks || my first hate mail

Sorry to those whom I offended with my rant about Game of Thrones. However, the language and name calling to someone who has an opinion? So classy :)

I would’ve posted the anonymous msgs I got but they aren’t appropriate.

I enjoy a lot of other TV shows, and I see it ALL over Tumblr that people hate on the shows I like, and they call the people that watch the shows [AKA me] “pathetic” and “stupid” etc. Do I msg their inbox anonymously with hate msgs calling them a pathetic b****? No.

Want to know why?

First of all, its a TV show. Second of all, everyone is entitled to their opinion and they are most certainly allowed to write about it on their own blog. If I don’t like something someone wrote, I don’t go and attack them. It’s their view on something…and yes, a lot of people hate for no reason at all. But did any of you stop to think hey, maybe this girl hates the show for a reason we cant understand? Maybe this girl has a REASON that we don’t know about? Maybe she thinks this way because of something that happened to HER?

There’s no way anybody could ever understand another persons dislike of something or the ROOT of their anger unless they KNOW them personally, which non of you brave anonymous writers OR rebloggers do.

One anon wrote “You are a pathetic b****. If you dont like the show dont F****** watch it!” I find it funny because I obviously did stop watching it. But errr, if you don’t like what I have to say… don’t read it and especially dont REPLY to it. Makes sense right?

Anyways, again, I’m sorry that you all feel so strongly about this fictional show enough to throw so much hate towards another human being. I didn’t mean for my opinion to bring out the worst in you.

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Ugh Joey <3

Ugh Joey <3

This better happen.


For example, I should be able to watch all the episodes again and say “oooooo, that’s how A got all that information!”


Tonight’s How I Met Your Mother…

What the shit Ted? You look dumb. You were cute when you cheered Robin up a few weeks back; but god you’re dumb.

I honestly love Ellen. I would donate my liver to her.

[I dont even watch the bachelor…]

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When you’re all excited and then get dissapointed.